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Eris Srl, approaches the market with the aims to create a new entity that can be identified as a reference point for highly qualified consulting and management of non-performing loans / suffering present in the budgets of the majority of Italian companies operating in the most varied sectors of the economy throughout the country. The Italian market of impaired loans has grown steadily over the last 10 years along with a steady growth of the difficulty in the management, which requires a higher level of specific expertise. For this reason the company structure and staff of the ERIS sees aggregate different professionals from the world of credit, banking, finance and debt collection c / third; a shareholding therefore, able, thanks to the individual skills, to meet the needs of all players involved in the whole cycle of the production system of bad debts.

A team well-matched for a professional response to the needs of a changing market.

Eris has perfected collection practices by investing in technology, refining techniques, and bringing together the best people in the industry.

Accelerating Cash Flow and Reducing Operating Expenses

Our team is committed to helping you increase net revenue and reduce the Accounts Receivable cycle while providing a high level of satisfaction.

Accelerating Accounts Receivable Management

Eris with his Accounts Receivable Management service provides a cost-effective method of turning your outstanding accounts receivables into cash as quickly as possible. By utilizing sophisticated technology and highly trained personnel, we are able to assure timely communication with your customers.

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REA NA-891317 Uff. Reg. Imprese NA 2017-31860
Capitale sociale € 108.000,00 i.v.
Tel. 081 19300900 - Fax 081 0093367/49
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